All you need to know about Burj khalifa

All you need to know about Burj Khalifa 

 want to know more about Burj Khalifa?well you're at the right place. Know about burj khalifa from bottom to top.

burj khalifa

what is Burj Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa is a mega skyscraper located in Dubai(city of innovation) and is opened in 2010.

 Its been 8 years since the beginning of Burj Khalifa but still, some go crazy when they heard the facts about Burj Khalifa.

Right now, it is the world's tallest man-made structure in the planet with a height of 0.828 km.

yes, you heard it right.

height is not the only thing that attracts visitors to Dubai.its beauty, innovation of science, many more things come when we try to describe what Burj-Khalifa is. 
It is one of the biggest achievement in engineering history.


when we describe the word skyscraper we have to give an example of Burj Khalifa as it holds the tallest man-made a structure in the world.

over the years the height of skyscrapers is increasing.

 In the beginning, the world's first skyscraper was only 10 storied in 1885.

 As the height of the structure is increasing over the years, the minimum height of a building to be called as the skyscraper is also increasing.

Foundation of tallest structure-

foundation work

To hold the world's tallest structure in its place it needs to have enough strong foundation.
 From the beginning, engineers face challenges as the soil underground level is weak and consist of sand and limestones, which is not good at all to hold the structure.

the principle behind the foundation was skin friction piles. In this case, they need to create enough friction to make it strong.
Engineers provide almost 200 no of piles and height of each pile is 50 meter. after that, a 4-meter thick raft is placed over the piles so that it can support the whole structure without failure.
These piles need to resist almost 500000 tonnes of load.

It's huge.

Biggest challenges to Burj Khalifa-

well, you might think that designing the foundation of Burj Khalifa is very hard.

 But it becomes harder the building has to resist the wind load and as well as earthquake load.beacuse this type of structure has never made before.

wind load-May be you didn't think about wind load because small rise building does not consider wind load as their design part.

 But it goes differently when we talk about skyscrapers, especially like Burj Khalifa. the main reason is the speed and magnitude of wind load behaves differently with the rise of height.

 Vortex shedding is the culprit to make a harmful effect for building due to winds.vortex shedding can sway a building with a big magnitude which is not suitable for people inside the building. 

 To reduce the effect of vortex shedding some ideas are implemented in Burj-Khalifa
 i.softened corners,
 ii.tapering(decrease of the width of building with the increase of height), 
iii.varying cross section(It confuses wind to flow).

Earthquake load-earthquake load or seismic load is very important for a structure. A structure should be able to resist the seismic load without causing failure.

designing of seismic load decided through the zone of the earthquake.

Total land area of earth is divided into four Zone of the earthquake which helps to determine how much strong structure should be made to resist earthquake.                                                                                                                                         There are various techniques for seismic loads -viscous damper, tuned mass damper, hydraulic damper etc.

 Some astonishing facts about Burj Khalifa-

  1. the weight of Burj Khalifa is about 5lakh tonnes which is equivalent to the weight of almost 1.8 lakh elephants.
  2. the elevators of Burj Khalifa goes at a speed of 10meter per took us only 1minute to reach to the top of the world.
  3. The final cost of Burj Khalifa is around 1.5 billion dollar by which we can make 8 no. of TITANIC in current time.

world's tallest man made structure


As the building is giant it's problem is also giant-from washing the outdoor glasses to air conditioning system, from pumping system to electricity supply, from safety to royalty Burj Khalifa stands out in everything.

I Hope this information about 'Burj Khalifa' will give you proper knowledge about 'Burj Khalifa'.So,don't be selfish just share this with your friends.

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