BEST Civil Engineering Interview Questions

civil engineering interview question - Want to perform well in an interview? wait, Here we shared best civil engineering interview questions.

Best Civil engineering interview Questions

Best Civil engineering interview Questions

Civil engineering is arguably the oldest in the engineering. Civil engineers need to be able to solve the problems that can only be imagined. Many structures like a capital gate, Burj Khalifa, a great wall of China,taj-mahal etc are still the pride of engineering.

Many many people around the world are interested in choosing civil engineering as a profession or others are pursuing it.
So here are some basic knowledge that every civil engineer should know.

1.what is the meaning of M20 grade concrete?
-A 150 mm cube cast from concrete mix should attain a compressive strength of 20 N/mm^2 at 28 days of age.

2.what fo you mean by shuttering?
-It is a temporary structure which is used for placing permanent structure.
Wooden or steel shuttering available in the market.

3.what is the minimum number of bars which should be provided in a circular column?
-6 Nos.

4.what do you mean by the fineness of cement?
-It is a property of cement that indicates particle size of cement and specific surface area.

5. What is the common difference b/w deflection and deformation?
-Deflection occurs due to compressive load only where Deformation can occur due to both tensile and compressive forces.

6.what is the minimum clear in footing,column,beam,slab as per IS code?
-footing:50mm,column:40mm,beam:25mm, slab:20mm.

7.How many bags of cement required for 1m^3?
- 1bag of cement=50kg.
Density of cement=1440kg.
Thus, No of bags required for 1m3 =(1440/50)=29 bags.

8.what do you mean by Fe415 grade steel?
-Fe415 is a grade of steel, where 415 represents the characteristics yield strength of steel in 415mpa.

9.what is yield strength?
It represents the upper limit of load that can be applied without causing plastic deformation.

10.what is the minimum grade of concrete for R.C.C should be used as per IS-456?
-M20 grade concrete.

11.what do you mean by honey-comb in concrete?
-if air voids are present in concrete,is know as honeycomb concrete.

12.what is the formula to determine the weight of steel?
-((D^2) x L)/162
Where D i dia of the bar in mm and L is the length of the bar in m.

13.what are the functions of pile foundation?
-To transmit loads of the building to the foundations and the ground soil layers whether these loads vertical or inclined. 
To install loose cohesionless soil through displacement and vibration.
 To control the settlements; which can be accompanied by surface foundations.
To increase the factor of safety for heavy loads.

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