Future of Skyscraper is Here

Future of skyscraper-Why do we need skyscrapers?The answer lies in the form of population,short of space,etc.As a civil engineer its our duty to make a environment friendly skyscraper not just ordinary skyscraper that harm the environment.

wooden skyscraper

How Skyscrapers Affects The Environment?

In modern day one of the biggest challenge to to world is climate change.well you might think that how any skyscraper can be related to the environmental problem.
Here's the answer-

The effect on environment by skyscrapers can be divided in Two parts-
  1. During  the construction of skyscraper                                                                                     (a). Large machines like excavator,diggers,cranes etc are used in a regular manner to built the high rise structure causes production of carbon emissions,                                                            (b). one of the essential factors for skyscrapers are raw materials like steel bar,concrete etc.Steel is available in the market but producing steel takes a vast amount of energy,
  2. After the construction of skyscrapers                                                                                           (a). As the size of skyscrapers are gigantic therefore the heating ,ventilation and air-conditioning system(HVAC system) in skyscrapers will take huge amount of energy to run  and it can directly affect the environment.Thus,meaning of higher skyscrapers is higher energy consumer unit.                                                                                                                            (b).Large skyscrapers are decorated by mainly glass facades which is extremely energy wasters.As the rate of heat-loss or gaining-heat of these glass facades is ten times than half inch of insulated Glass.              
Qualities of future skyscraper model

  1. Heat island phenomena-                                                                                                                     It's predictable that the population is always going to increase and as a result more number of skyscrapers are going to take places.Due to 'Heat Island' phenomena temperatures are often hotter in a high populated city than its surrounding having less population density.It is observed that annual mean temperature of a highly populated city can be warmer up to 3 degree Celsius than its surroundings.So, as a engineer we need to reduce the 'Heat Island' phenomena by planting more number of trees in that area.A green roof can also be very effective to reduce the interior temperature of building and it's surrounding and this will lead to less consumption of energy by cooling agent.                                                                                                                        
  2. Solar panel-                                                                                                                                        One of the most effective renewable energy sources is solar panel.  In 2007 the CIS tower replaced it's all glass facades by solar panel.Due to this solar panel 10% of building's energy consumption is reduced.If we combined this solar panel system with other renewable energy sources then it will reduce the energy consumption by a huge margin.                                            
  3. Green building                                                                                                                                  The most equivalent word for green building is environment friendly.It is a type of building that focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use-water,energy and materials,while reducing the negative impact of building on the human health. Green building is a compound unit of-solar panel,roof cooling,rely on recycling,use sustainable materials,focuses on water etc.     The main advantage of green building is-                                                                                                                                   (a)cost efficiency-Using natural,non-toxic and recycled materials won't cost much and Eco-friendly also.such materials are-carbon fibre ,bamboo,straw etc.                               (b)water efficiency-water s never wasted in this system as rain water or grey water are stored for toilet flushing for instance.                                                                           (c)Energy efficiency- green roof,solar panel,wind energy will save much more energy than ordinary building.                                                                                                                                 
green building

  1. Search for better materials-Many companies are searching for improved glass panels that has the advantage of visual appearances,lightness,minimum thermal effect etc.Many are working for eco-friendly and more sustainable wooden skyscrapers. cross laminated timber or CLT has high strength and durability and it is also fire resistant.
  2. Wood vs Steel-Its always better to choose for an safe environment but there is limitations of using timber as building materials.There are many advantage of choosing wood over steel is wood is a type of resource that can be grown faster in Austria,wood is relatively durable,woods binds carbon-di-oxide,etc.At present timber is one of the best alternative of steel.even some countries are already taking timber skyscraper as a serious matter(eg:japan).
Statistics about Skyscrapers-

  • In united kingdom,Buildings alone consume 40% of their primary energy.
  • The number of buildings that rises over 200 meter has tripled since the year 2000.
  • It is calculated that producing cement(a vital ingredient for concrete) emits 5% of man made carbon-di-oxide of the world.
  • In Paris, a proposed timber skyscraper called 'Baobab' would be able to consume 3700 tons of carbon-di-oxide,the equivalent of taking 2200 vehicles off the road for a year.

The land area of world is constant and the population is never going to be decreased.This is the main reason of making skyscrapers so that more space of living can be created out of limited ground space.skyscrapers are huge in size and consumes a vast amount of concrete,steel,glass etc.In order to survive in this world for a long time it is necessary to make environment friendly skyscrapers and most importantly the time has come now.The whole world is moving to the future model of skyscrapers as numerous number of project(timber skyscraper) is on the way including japan,USA etc.
Hence ,skyscrapers will become the part of every metropolitan city but making a environment friendly skyscraper would be able protect the world environment.

I Hope you liked the idea of  'Future of Skyscraper' .Spread this information with your friends and make this environment safe.

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