Cement quantity from concrete

CEMENT QUANTITY FROM CONCRETE -How to find cement quantity from concrete? You're in the right place.



Before starting this you need to know some basic things which are given below-

Grade of concrete and its proportion:

Grade of concrete-CEMENT:SAND:STONE

  1. M 5-1:5:10
  2. M 7.5-1:4:8
  3. M 10-1:3:6
  4. M 15-1:2:4
  5. M 20-1:1.5:3
  6. M 25-1:1:2
  7. M 30-1:0.75:1.5
  8. M 35-1:0.5:1
  9. M 40-1:0.25:0.5

lets take an example: Find out the amount of cement,sand and stone in 1 cu.m concrete of  M15 grade.

 concrete amount=1cu.m, 
grade of concrete=M15(1:2:4)

 We know that volume of concrete is 1cu.m , but remember that this volume is a wet volume.
for calculation we have to convert this wet volume to dry volume.
 dry volume=wet volume+ 54% of wet volume
 thus we need to multiply wet volume by 1.54 to convert it into dry volume.

Amount of cement={1.54/(1+2+4)}*1 cu.m=0.22 cu.m

Amount of sand={1.54/(1+2+4)}*2 cu.m=0.44 cu.m

Amount of stone={1.54/(1+2+4)}*4 cu.m=0.88 cu.m

we have calculated amount of cement,sand and stone in cu.m but in practical life you need to know that how much bag of cement is required and amount of sand and stone in cft(cubic feet) not in cu.m.

Now we will calculate how many bag of cement = 0.22 cu.m

1 bag cement= 50 kg ,where density of cement=1440 kg/cu.m ,

Thus, 1 bag cement = (50/1440)=0.0347 cu.m

0.22 cu.m= (0.22/0.0347)=6.34=7 no. of bag.

so, amount of cement= 7 no.of bag of cement

next we will convert cu.m to cft unit for sand and stone

 1cu.m=35.32 cft for sand and stone only.

 amount of sand=35.32*0.44=15.54 cft

amount of stone=35.32*0.88=31.08 cft.


  1. Cement- 7 no. of bags
  2. Sand-15.54 cft
  3. Stone-31.08 cft 
This is all about cement quantity calculation.I hope you all liked this.Dont be selfish to share this info.
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