How to draw building plan- Want to draw building plan ?Here we shared how to draw building plan.Learn tips to draw building plan.

Building plan drawing

How to draw building plan for beginners?

Building plan represents every detail of how the construction should go on and what are the factors to take in mind while construction period.
First we need to read the building plan properly so that the construction will be done according to the plan ,rule &regulation.
Basic thing is knowing view of a building.

You should be able to understand plan view, elevation view.

elevation and plan are the two most important in building plan.
  1. elevation views are  side views showing each of the exterior walls of the building.there could be side elevation,front elevation or even back elevation.
  2. plan view refers to looking down at a horizontal plane.In other words,plan view is an orthographic projection of a 3-dimensional object from the position of a horizontal plane through the object.

layout of foundation plan

How to read drawings

you have to know language of civil engineer to read the drawing,
Column schedule:  4-16Φ +2-12Φ,2L 8Φ
 Which means that column is reinforced with 4 no.of bar of 16 mm dia and 2 no.of  bar of 12 mm dia where stirrup is used of 8 mm dia and 2 legged .


Plan views and elevations are not sufficient to fully describe the various building components.This is where ‘sections’ are used. Sections are basically ‘slices’ through a building or building component.
A common ‘section’ is a Wall Section. 
There are many other details you must know like slab reinforcement ,beam reinforcement etc.
You need to have at least a basic structural knowledge otherwise it is not possible.

Plan or Map

Construction plans differ from maps, which cover much larger areas and have much larger scale ratios. Rather, a typical construction plan depicts only one structure and its parts or sections. By changing perspectives and details, it can do so in a number of ways.
Construction drawings also fill an important role in the overall construction planning process. Building departments and local governments must review plans before they will issue construction or renovation permits. Planners estimate building material and labour costs based on plans. In the pre-construction planning and scheduling phase, contractors use plans to create work breakdowns and schedule construction tasks. Once construction gets underway, drawings guide the work. There are many types of drawing you will see on building plan like site plan,floor plan,plan,elevation,section.
In modern days these building plans are made by using auto cad software.
After completing your building plan your plan have to be sanctioned by government body and they will check whether the drawing is made according to their rules or not.
After sanction,the site engineer or supervisor will organise the building work as per drawing .
Thus it is very much necessary to understand the drawing so the no error can occurs in site.Civil drawings are related to the site, such as grading plan, underground utility plans, storm drainage, etc
There is one more type, which is detailing of drawing: detail drawing provide a detailed description of the geometric drawing of a part of an object such as a building, bridge, tunnel, machine, plant, and so on.

summary of Building drawing-

before drawing a building plan for clients or for yourself you need to look at the requirements of owner.then you go to next step.once you know the requirements you need to design a safe plan(by using stadd pro).after you finalise the safe design,then according to that design you will have to draw plan elevation site layout etc.

This is for beginners.
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