What is Green Concrete-[Best Guide on Concrete Technology]

What is Green Concrete-[Best Guide on Concrete Technology]

Materials of Green Concrete specially cement is replaced by waste products (Fly Ash etc),which makes less negative impact on environment.Ingredients and composition are two important factors for making Green Concrete.

what is green concrete

#At the end of this post you'll clearly understood these following points about Green concrete:
  1. Definition.
  2. Materials or ingredients.
  3. making process
  4. Features.
  5. advantages.
  6. disadvantages.
  7. Future.
  8. summary.

In 1998,Green concrete is invented in Denmark. Since then it is growing and making impact in  construction industry.

What is considered as Green Concrete?

Well,Let me just clear the confusion which you may face is Green Concrete is not green coloured at all (Green concrete has nothing to do with colour).
It is named as 'Green concrete' because this is an environment friendly product.

Basically it is a type of Concrete which made from industrial wastes instead of cement or aggregates.

The technology that deals with choosing the right material,composition of material in green concrete,curing,maintenance-Known as green concrete technology.

Finally we can safely conclude that this is an Eco-friendly concrete which is made from concrete wastes.

Ingredients of Green Concrete

In this concrete,materials are the most important factors than others.

We have enough talked about concrete wastes,BUT WHAT ARE CONCRETE WASTES?

Green concrete materials are the one that makes it different from others.

Wastes that are used in place of Cement:

  1. FLY ASH (product of burning coal).
  2. Recycled concrete aggregates.
  3. blast furnace slag.

fly ash
*Comparison of physical properties of Cement and Fly-ash

Fly ash is mainly used in concrete as this gives durability,less costly and environment friendly.

Manufacturing of cement produces good amount of carbon-di-oxide and many other gasses.
As because green concrete do not use consume cement,It is a Eco-friendly product.

Sooner in future the uses and application of this concrete is going to increase.

Making process

The main ingredient in normal concrete is cement,where cement is heated upto 800-1000°c.
Hence emission of Co2 is very much high.

To reduce this impact green concrete came to the line.

Cement is replaced by fly ash and other concrete wastes.There are other ingredients available as substitution of cement.
water,coarse aggregates,sand,admixtures and Only 2% cement is required to make Green concrete.

Feature of Green Concrete

The main question is why we should use Green concrete? why not others?

Well the answer lies in the question-the main goal of green concrete is to minimize the environment problem and to reduce the cost of work.

Just because it is made from wastes that does not mean it does not have many advantages or features.

Top 7 Advantages of Green Concrete

  1. As it weighs lighter than normal concrete-it reduces the overall dead load crane age load of the structure.
  2. Cement is replaced by the industrial wastes-Hence provide cost efficiency.
  3. Materials are used are easily available.
  4. The heat of hydration of green concrete is slightly lower than normal concrete.
  5. Provides less shrinkage and creep.
  6. Good in fire & thermal resistance.
  7. Emission of carbon-di-oxide is reduced by 30%.

Suitability of Green concrete in structures

  1. By using green concrete damping resistance of any structure can be improved.
  2. Requires less maintenance & repairs.
  3. Flexural strength of this concrete is almost same as conventional concrete.
  4. The compressive strength of the concrete behaves similar to that traditional concrete by using optimized water-cement ratio.
  5. Concrete design life can also be improved.

These are the top most benefits of Green Concrete.Though green concrete can give you many benefits but the main aim of Green concrete is listed below:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint from cement industry.
  • Increasing the durability and design span.
  • Making a sustainable structure using this concrete.
  • Environment friendly.

Limitation/Disadvantages  of green concrete

We all know that Nothing is perfect.Every method or product has advantages and disadvantages both simultaneously.
Here are some disadvantages of green concrete-
  1. As cement is replaced by fly-ash,the compressive strength of concrete is obviously going to reduce.
  2. Water absorption is higher than normal concrete.
  3. Life span of structure is not good enough to use it in many structures like-dam,bridges etc.
  4. cost will be high when using with stain less steel.

Future of Green concrete

Green concrete is a revolutionary topic in the history of concrete industry.In near future the application of green concrete is obviously going to rise.
The benefits from green concrete are something that will be needed to make a safe environment.

Due to its higher strength and durability,this concrete is trending in many developed countries like USA.

choosing green concrete over normal one will provide healthy and safe environment.

It won't surprise me if this takeover the normal concrete in future.

AS Future of construction history there is one more rising star which is carbon nano tube[know more about Carbon-nano-tube...]


Without any doubt green concrete is absolutely the future of sustainable construction.Not only it is long durable and less costly,but it is Eco-friendly.
Now,we cannot completely rely on this technology but in near future its definitely gonna make a difference in construction industry.

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