What is building collapse [5 major reasons why buildings collapse]

What is building collapse

what is building collapse?Learn more about common causes of building failure.Its essential to know that why do some structure collapse for everyone specially for engineers.Here you'll get know about from main reason of building collapse to solution to building collapse.

effects of building collapse

What is the meaning of Building collapse

Whenever you try to figure out what building collapse is just remember Building collapse is a type of structural failure,caused by serious problem of structure.

DON'T WORRY , Here you will get the complete knowledge about the main reasons of building collapse.

A structure or a building undergoes progressive collapse when the 
structural element fails to resist the the force/pressure coming from dead load,live load,wind load and earthquake load. 

Its hard to believe that minor mistakes during the construction of building can cause a huge damage to the structure.

There could be various of reason of building collapse but it's very essential not to make any one.

Structural failure can give a high threat to the lives living inside the structure or building.So,you can clearly understand why this is necessary to prevent structural failure.

Building collapse happens when the structure or any building completely looses its stability on the land and gets destroyed for various reasons like: soil capacity,design error,foundation defect,overload etc.

Why do some structure collapse 


Whenever we talk about the stability of any structure we have to go through the foundation.
Foundation is the one which transmit the load acted on the super structure to the soil/ground.

Foundation could be the primary reason of building collapse.

There are many types of foundation depending upon the need of the soil.Selecting the right one is very crucial.

Sometimes we do choose the foundation type based on the budget because constructing adequate foundation can be costly.

Even after having the right choice of foundation it can cause a damage because calculating the total load can be complicated for high rise building which leads to poorly designed foundation.

Improper soil investigation,soil liquefaction during earthquake-these are the other reason which causes Foundation failure.

what is building collapse

2.Faulty Construction-

Normally,Improper construction leads to future damage of the structure.

Well many times you may have heard about bridge collapse or building collapse due to poor method of construction or using inferior material during the construction of the structure.

It may not looks major reason like the above one(weak foundation) but trust me faulty construction could be one of the most important reason for any structural failure.


Normally The overall strength of any structure that made of reinforced concrete is based upon the concrete strength.

If the concrete is strong enough to resist the major part of total load,then the structure will be in the stability.

But unfortunately workers or supervisors are responsible for Improper concrete mixing.

Not even only concrete mixing but also three stages of concrete have big influence on concrete strength,workability,hardness etc.


Curing is most essential part of achieving required amount of strength.

After all the stages CURING process allows concrete to gain the required amount of strength.

3.Drawing and Design Error-

Any minor mistake in drawing can have a huge effect on structure itself.

In some cases Drawing with printing mistake and defects in dimension in drawing easily affects the design life and quality of structure.

Sometime Workers do their work incorrectly.


From Choosing the right material to Executing the finishing work- It is necessary for workers and supervisors to do all of these stuff with less defects.

Poor quality of construction work increases the chance of structural failure or building collapse.

4.Earthquake Force-

Earthquake is basically the movement of earth surface and force generated from earthquake acts as a lateral force on any building.

As a natural phenomena EARTHQUAKE FORCE is underestimated.
Even many construction work of high rise building ignores the extra reinforcement required for seismic load.

Now obvious That to resist the lateral load coming from earthquake the structure need to be prepared(by adding extra reinforcement) to be able to resist the shaking caused by earthquake.

When any structure or building avoids the reinforcement required for seismic loads,causes serious damage or even collapse.


Based upon the purpose of any structure or building can resist the design load easily.
But complication starts when the purpose of that structure changes with respect to time.

"If a structure was designed to be a residential home and is then turned into a commercial building then the actual load can be more than expected and the building may strain under the load".

There is one more reason of overload is that:Having more storeys than planned or designed.

Having more floors than expected means the overload of the structure.


Now you may get an overall idea about the meaning of building collapse and main reason of building collapse.
Here we have discussed the five major reason of building collapse individually.
But you know what even more than one reason could act as a one load which causes the serious damage of structure or building collapse- MIX OF FIVE REASONS.

From a engineering point of view it should be noticed carefully that the above five mistakes are not involved in their construction.
Lowering the risk of defect with economical design should be the main purpose of us.

I Hope you liked our article on building collapse.


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